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How to handle it in Kent This Summer

days out in kent

Take a trip to Kent! With a few of the best places to stay, restaurants and so much to see and do, you will be guaranteed an excellent time. You'll not be short of ideas in regards to what to do with this wonderful county, there's for everyone, from babes through to seniors, you may be spoilt for choice with tricks to suit everyone! And whatever the weather there's an activity to fit.

days out south east

Just what exactly concerning the kids? Well, Kent is jammed-packed with possibilities to get a perfect day for all your family. There are many of the greatest zoos and wildlife parks in the UK here including Wingham bird park, Howletts and Port Lymne. There's some fascinating museums for example Tenterden Museum, the Historic Dockyard at Chatham and Finchcocks Musical Museum. Needless to say if the weather conditions are fine there's no better choice than constructing a jolly good sand castle on one of Kent's many beautiful beaches. Kent boasts three blue flag beaches and with many to choose from it will not be near on impossible to find your own personal part of a seaside to get around the beach towel!

Just a couple minutes drive from your seaside will give you into Kent's stunning countryside - this county is known as the garden of England for the reason! There are a few fabulous villages to check out in the middle of the united states for example the pictersque village of Chilham. The square in Chilham is really a dream and utilized in TV programs and flicks including Piorot because beauty. There is a quaint tea room, church, gift shop and two pubs along with the castle stands pride of place overlooking the square.

Kent carries a vast array of historic monuments and churches. There are several fantastic castles such as Dover, Walmer and Leeds castle and several superb churches, unique in their way and displaying a number of historic artifacts including the St. Peters Church in Sandwich. The recently opened Westgate Towers, the medieval goal in Canterbury, gives an insight into medieval torture. The practically untouched towers can be a must-see.

Post by daysout777 (2016-10-05 12:20)

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